OSP has many different types of greenhouse and gardens on its grounds.  Be sure to give visit and see the cacti greenhouse, vegetable garden, propagation greenhouse, shade house, trellis garden, and our seedling greenhouse.   

Vegetable Garden

Picture of beds

OSP offer a fully shop able vegetable and herb garden to the public. We grow whats in season and try offer special varieties that you can't find anywhere else.  We love to show people how beautiful raised vegetable beds can be with a little effort.  Come by and pick up some fresh herbs 

Cacti and Succulent Greenhouse

OSP's owner has always had a fascination with cacti and succulents.  The more unusual the better.  OSP's cacti greenhouse offers many different plants from all around the globe, and few right here from Texas.  OSP's Cacti greenhouses is completely solar powered.

Propagation Greenhouse

OSP sprouts thousands of seeds a year ranging from vegetable to heat tolerant conifers.  We are constantly propagating our collection for sale in our nursery.  Our propagation house is completely open to the public to help show people what there food looks like when it first starts.

picture of close up of sprouts growing

Seedling Greenhouse

Picture of the front

OSP's seedling greenhouse is home to most of our vegetable and herb starters and quite a few unusual tree in a nice easy plantable size.  

Shade House

This is where the real jewels are hidden.  Most of the plants in the shade there is only a handful of them because there are rare and hard time find items. Odd perennials to specialty trees.  Come browse our selections and take a look at the owners private collections.  

Trellis Garden

The trellis gardens at OSP provide the support for our very important cucamelons.  This low trellis gardens is always great place to hang out as well as find some of the most interesting hanging plants in town.