About Us


OSP offer freshed pick herbs and vegetables from our gardens.  All of our products are grown completely organically and are harvested for each order.


OSP's specialty nursery grows unusual native and exotics.  Our staffs loves to focus on edible and useful plants, as well as native milkweeds and hard to find perennials.


OSP has many different gardens on our facility. We show how beautiful and productive vegetable and herb gardens can be.  There are many perennial gardens that show off the owners love for unusual plants.  


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Better yet, see us in person!

We are not the average nursery and gardens, so our hours are a little different too.  We would love for you to come see us on our open days.  

Old School Produce

5731 Cornish St, Houston, Texas 77007, United States

(713) 336-3438


Tuesday: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: If the hobbit gate is open, WERE OPEN