About Us


Old School Produce is a specialty produce company focusing on growing hard to find plants and produce for the Houston area.  OSP carries many different varieties of micro greens, sprouts, shoots, herbs, and vegetables. OSP offers contract growing so if there is plant or ingredient that you are unable to locate, contact our staff.  Let us do that difficult growing so you can focus on making those delicious plates.  OSP is always trying to encourage people to grow there own food, because nothing beats fresh picked from the garden.  OSP can help your family or restaurant set up its own one of a kind garden so you to can enjoy the freshest ingredients too.  Our staff are true plant geeks so if you ever have any question contact us.



Old School Produce was started by Jacob Martin in April of 2014.  He graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a degree in Biological and Physical Sciences.  He spent three years working at Buchanan's Native Plants becoming familiar with production growing and the nursery industry.  He currently works as the Greenhouse Manager at Mercer Botanic Garden in Humble, TX focusing on cultivating the rare and endangered collection plants for the garden.  This vast knowledge in the botanical world helps OSP's head grower introduce new varieties of edibles to Houston's diverse restaurant industry.   Old School Produce opened its specialty nursery to the public in 2019, and will be introducing many new species of plants that should be tried in our area.  Our staff works very hard to bring you plants that you may not find at your every day nursery.